Project UMEED is a Covid19 Food SOS initiative founded by Amir Siddiqui with co-founders Chirag Mediratta and Lord W.Reza

It is a coalition of NGOs - Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Basti Suraksha Manch, Qasid Foundation and Bhartiya Navdeep Samiti. 

It aims to provide emergency survival relief and food to the highly vulnerable families in New Delhi. These are displaced migrants, labourers, victims of violence, homeless, elderly, disabled, children and widowed mothers. 

Amidst the pandemic and national lockdown, they do not have jobs, resources or money to feed their children and themselves, and depend on the generosity and solidarity of the citizens and organisations.


UMEED has provided relief to more than 19,000 families across 38 locations in Delhi. For details, please check the daily data with location here


Project UMEED is addressing the Covid19 Food SOS with:


1) A fundraiser on milaap.org to raise necessary donations to help provide emergency relief kits to the most vulnerable and underprivileged families. 

Each emergency relief kit contains packed food, rations, sanitary pads, essential medicines, masks, and emergency cash. The cost of a kit with three weeks’ supply of essential resources is Rs.1650 ($23).


2)  Distribution of the kits to each family with the help of 250 on-ground local volunteers with curfew passes. 


3) Community Kitchens that are setup at Mithapur, Badarpur and Sadar Bazar that serve lunch and dinner to 1000 people each

4) Liaison with government authorities to identify the vulnerable families and provide relief for them. For example, the trans-Yamuna case of 5000 homeless people


5) CSR grants to help with allocation of resources across Delhi


6) Awareness on Covid19 prevention, social distancing and hunger relief

7) Partnerships with network of NGOs in the Delhi Relief Collective to effectively manage the hunger crisis